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by Cathy

Hi - this is going to be hard getting full picture across. ..
8yr old jack Russell. On the whole she is very well behaved and obedient.
We have a large garden which she has full run of, front of house is next to a farm track/ public footpath - hence farm vehicles/deliveries / post van/people going past with their own dogs.
she gets so fixated and obsessed, barks and barks and barks !
When she is in that mode there is absolutely NO WAY to get her attention - commands fall on deaf ears !
Any sudden movements by family members inside the house / postman arriving/ doorbell she is the same !
Sometimes it’s frenzied especially with the postman!!
This isn’t a new thing .. we’ve tried EVERYTHING over the years to cull this behaviour.
It’s really sad, as I said before she is obedient in all other situations.
When she’s out and about meeting other dogs etc, she doesn’t say boo!
Apart from this one terrible streak, she is very loving and docile.
As the experts say don’t blame the dog it’s human error. ...??

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