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Flea Meds

by Maria
(Berkley, MI)

My 8 year old female Tinkerbell really really hates flea meds. I use advantix. She knows what the little container looks like and hides when I get it out. After I apply down her back she will rub her back on anything trying to get it off. I never see any signs of reaction, does anyone have any advice or comments which may help my sweet baby relax.

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May 11, 2013
Flea Meds
by: Jennifer

Poor Tinkerbell. My Jack Sugar would often have the same reaction. The trick is to have her associate the medicine with something GOOD and not let her think that freaking out is the way to behave when it's time for her dose. A great start is to get her nose busy with a desirable smell BEFORE you start getting the medicine on him. Have another person hold a chunk of steak or chicken or if you are by yourself fill a KONG with something really delicious and hold the Kong firmly between your knees so that her head is down and she is concentrating on getting at the yummy meat. This will place her neck in the perfect position to easily apply the medication. If she starts associating the medicine with something delicious she will not fight or freak out when it is dosing time.

Hope that helps, good luck!!

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