friends dog

by linda
(Plymouth uk)

my friend has a parsons jack Russel ,that keeps jumping up and baking at people in their home,he is 7 years old and was never aggressive but he barks for no apparent reason

he did that with her late farther also and gets a bit frightening though i am sure he will not do anyone harm

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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell jumping up NEW
by: William

It's hard because this is not your dog but your friend's dog. Teaching a dog not to jump and bark needs to be done on a consistent basis otherwise improvement won't really be seen. Is your friend willing to do this? When you go over your friend's house, if the dog tries to jump on you, I would ignore it and walk away so that he can't jump on you. Some dogs get excited and that is how they express it but if you ignore and walk away they won't be able to do it to you.

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