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frustated mama

by Janet
(Canton,Il USA)

Our Jack Russell is a 4 yr old male who has always liked his little room where he goes "night night", but this last week he does not want to go. He has always had his denta-stik and have been giving him a small piece of cheese lately to coax him in. I have tried letting him stay up an hour later and given him belly rubs and attention but he still does not want to go. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?
He can't sleep with us because I have a 14 yr. old cat who has always slept with us and has had her freedom at night because we shut her in a room with her food for the day while she sleeps (usually) sometimes she wants to go outside, but the day is for our Jack and the night is for her and he never has had a problem with going to bed knowing, I'm sure, that she is out.

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