by Geo

My 10 year old male Jack Russell has just started making choking sounds as if he is going to be sick or has something stuck in his throat but after making the noise he isn't actually sick or brought anything up he is doing it about once an hour for the last 2 days, I will take him to the vet on Monday if it hasn't stopped by then anyone any idea's he is usually in general good health.

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Jan 04, 2015
Jack making choking sounds NEW
by: William

Since your Jack doesn't seem to be choking, I'm wondering if this is what's called a "reverse sneeze". It's just a spasm in the laryngeal muscle and it's common for middle age dogs. It happens more when a dog is excited but it can also occur randomly. There is not much that you can do for reverse sneezing other than to make sure your Jack doesn't get overly excited. You could also try placing your hand over the dogs nostrils temporarily to see if that stops it. I'm assuming your brought your Jack in by now. What did your vet say it was?

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