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by Geo

My 10 year old male Jack Russell has just started making choking sounds as if he is going to be sick or has something stuck in his throat but after making the noise he isn't actually sick or brought anything up he is doing it about once every couple of hours for the last 2 days, I will take him to the vet on Monday if it hasn't stopped by then anyone any idea's he is usually in general good health.he doesn't seem poorly I can't see anything stuck or lodged anywhere in his throat.

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Apr 12, 2015
Jack Russell healthy with a cough
by: Lucy

Is it a reverse sneeze? Google videos of it to see what it is. If that's what it is, it's not harmful for the dog (just distressful for the owner!).
Hoping it's nothing serious, glad you are checking with the vet to make sure!

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