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by Sharon

Help, we have a lovely lad of about 2 and a half but when people come to visit he just barks incessantly at both my husband and I, to the point that we have to put him out of the room which I know isn't helping. Any tips please; this is just a recent behaviour and I would very much like to nip it in the bud.

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Jan 03, 2012
Excessive door barking
by: Harriet

Dogs bark to communicate various things. Barking at the door when strangers come is usually to warn them. However excessive barking can be annoying (and potentially scary to visitors). You will have to take control of the situation and show who is the leader.

You can work on this by practicing basic commands like "sit". When he has "sit" perfected, practice doing this by the door. Then have a volunteer friend/family member ring your bell (you may want to keep her on a lead for this). Let him bark a few times and then say "sit" (give him a treat) and then say "quiet" (and give him a treat when quiet and definitely wait this one out until he is quiet). Also, warn guest when they come inside to completely ignore your Jack. Sometimes without meaning to, visitors can rile a dog up by petting and using high pitched voices.

Practice this a number of times - first with people that he knows and then with strangers. Remember not to yell at your dog because he will think you are joining in on the barking/excitement of the situation.

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