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Good Catch!

by Crystal and Vince
(Gainesville, FL)

My little man likes to follow me all around the house. Every time I get up to go somewhere, if he sees me move, he's right behind. He's gotten into the habit of following me to the bathroom and running in before I can close the door. He likes to sit in my lap for some reason while I do my "business". I think he likes to investigate the things on the counter and look at himself in the mirror. Well, yesterday we were in the bathroom and he jumped up in my lap as usual. He put his front paws on the counter like he always does and started looking at himself. He smiled really big like JR's do and decided he was going to try to jump from my lap into the sink for a closer look. He jumped and only made two paws in the sink and one paw on the counter. He started falling. It was hilarious. Luckily, I was sitting right there and could catch him before he hit the tiled floor. I grabed him up quick, laughing the whole time and gave him kisses. I don't think he'll try that again. BUT with these adventurous little guys you never know.

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Oct 25, 2011
JRT entertainer
by: Anonymous

Forget magazines, you have your Jack to entertain you in the bathroom. Too funny a story!

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