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Gyp, my Jack Russell Terrorist

by Richard Bloom
(Eugene, Oregon, USA)

11 weeks favorite toy, Pizzle stuffed Kong

11 weeks favorite toy, Pizzle stuffed Kong

At 11 weeks old, Gyp's favorite toy was a Red mini Kong stuffed with a pizzle stick. He carried it everywhere, even to bed.

About the same time, he wanted up on the work bench to see what I was doing. Obviously bored, the transmission can wait, I'm tired.

Gyp has no idea how much smaller he is than the boys, Bear, an 8 year old Akita mix and Riley, Black Lab mix. He's telling Riley to drop the ball. He was tugging his ear and yelping at the same time. Poor Riley.

Our first camping and fishing trip with just the two of us. He stayed in the bow until some kids starting playing with a ball on the shore. Then it was out of the boat and he swam 75 yards to the kids. I know now what is most important to him. Play and sleep.

Gyp, my Jack Russell Terrorist, and on a good day he's just a Jack Russell Trouble maker, loved by me and all of my grandkids.

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Dec 04, 2012
by: Terrance

Looks like Gyp has a very active life, between fishing and swimming, helping to fix the car, playing with grandkids and attacking much larger dogs.....leaves just enough time for sleep! I can see how much you love this little guy, thanks for sharing the pics!

Nov 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

Gyp and that swim ! Ha! thanks for sharing..

I enjoyed your post

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