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Happy wee??

by Julien
(Bondi Australia)

Hi all,
My wife and I are wondering about adopting a Jack Russell puppy. My Sister had a Jack Russell for almost 8 years and he has this thing where he always pees when he gets exited. (Greetings, presented with treats..) Is that a thing that Jack Russells commonly do? Thanks for your response.

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Feb 18, 2014
Jack Russell peeing when excited
by: Paul

I'm a little biased but I definitely think you should get a JRT! Plus, they are so darn cute as puppies. What you are describing in your sister's dog is called "submissive peeing". It's when a dog is overly excited or feels insecure and pees. It can be common in young dogs in general (not just Jack Russell's). That is something that can easily fixed with training if that becomes an issue, but it shouldn't even start if you read up on it in advance.

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