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Hard time playing long time

by Jenne Tomlinson
(Lewes D.E)

Sorry but I haven't posted stories in a long time.I have been doing school and playing with my friends.Well since we lived at our new house it has been all sunny days but now after Christmas they don't much.It has been raining ever since and Harley and Henry haven't played bell outside in like 3 weeks.And I am always texting my friend Bella.I always buy my friends cookies from Bella's cookies and the dog try eating them.I get cookies free because my friend owns the cookie business.Well I haven't been paying much attention to my dog I think I should.Well every time I get something to eat my dog Henry does the cute face so I give him some crackers but not chocolate.Well it is still raining outside and still no playing ball but sometimes my dad plays with them.The dogs always play int the house it is good they didn't break a lamp yet.My dog Eliot is still a pain in the butt he walks slowlely when he needs to go out and when he comes in he is like a lighting bolt coming in.And Kevin our cat is still joking around. With our dogs and Suger out bird is still chirping it is really annoying.Hemry is still sleeping with me and taking all the covers and I am cold at night can't believe that Henry is a dig and he can't sleep on the floor.Well I have to to go I might not be posting in a while but don't worry I will you people on the news about my dogs I will tell you guys if they break something.

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Mar 03, 2013
Harley and Henry and Eliot
by: Michelle

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of pets at your house. Three dogs, a cat and a bird. I have enough trouble just caring for one dog!
I just saw the picture you posted of Henry and Harley. So cute! Thanks for posting it and giving us the update on how you and everyone is doing. Hopefully they won't get into any trouble and break anything!

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