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Harley & Sonny

by Michael
(Swindon United Kingdom)

Harley is our Black & Tan JRT and she as a little puppy grew up with another dog who sadly passed away, but just before that time she started to suffer with IBD IRRITABLE BOWL which nearly killed her due to the fact she would not eat until the vet's did all sorts of tests that eventually found the problem. It was so sad to see her in that state. She now has to take steroids to stop the horrible stomach noises and trick her body into eating.
It was such a shame as she loves to play and just recently i thought that she may miss the company of another dog even though she is with us in our office all day and goes out twice for walks and chasing squirrels. So we decided to get a little boy puppy for her to play with and she took to him like a mum and in the 5 weeks we have had little Sonny Harley has had no IBD IRRITABLE BOWL which makes us really happy.

Medicine can only do so much as in cure the illness but Sonny cured the part of her that made her life complete.

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Apr 20, 2013
Harley and Sonny
by: Jane

What a sweet sweet photo. I love the expressions on their face. And the black and white really illustrates this. But most of all I love the story of their friendship and it is a true example of how a true friendship can be so healing! Thanks for the inspiration.

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