Harness fear

by Nancee
(Rhode Island)

Rollo, 7yrs old, will only allow me to put his harness on, a step in harness, he hates anything going over his head. Rollo never wants to go out, yet once his harness is on he is fine. Strangers can put his harness on but he will not allow my husband to do it, the leash OK. My husband walks Rollo 3 times a day, brushes him, handles him all the time... yet he will growl over the harness issue, We tried Zylkene Behavior Support Capsules, and they did calm him down but the growling still happens. We may try Prozac ... We took Rollo to Tufts University animal behavior expert, and we are following their suggestions and Prozac was one solution. Please offer advice, any help would be appreciated.

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