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has anyone experienced myokymia in their jacks desperate for info

need to learn more about this disease

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Mar 04, 2014
Our baby Ginger has Myokymia, Neurotonia
by: Kerry

We have a precious year old jack russell who has this disease, we know as much as one can know about this evil disease, as it seems you have to become a detective and a information hound to find little to any info about it. After reading endlessly searching for months on end and dealing with her heartbreaking episodes we found a video posted on youtube of a dog on who had exactly the same kind of episodes as our baby ginger has, we took several videos of her episodes and brought it to a canine neurologist and he confirmed what we had found, she had Myokymia Neurotonia.
Contact me if you want to get more info, medications etc. I truly hope your dog is doing well, and would be happy to share information, and be of some help.
Email me at

Jun 16, 2012
Jack Russells and myokymia
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately there is not a lot of information out there about it. Our Jack has it and we were told the prognosis isn't great. He shakes a lot but otherwise seems happy. We were told to be very careful to not overexert/overheat him and to be on the lookout for seizure activity. So far we are just continuing as normal and he is a very happy pup, but the shaking does really upset me.
Has your Jack been diagnosed with it?

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