When I first got Bella, and then her pups, Runty and Bruiser, I realized the immense responsibility of talking good care of my 3 JRTs......they are, in essence, my children! I am accountable for their grooming, training, well-being, and safety. I originally fed them commercial dog food and didn't think twice about it. I assumed brands like Purina, Iams, etc. were safe and provided all the nutrients that they needed for good health.

It wasn't until a few years ago, when I saw a tv program on how dog food is made, that I really started questioning whether I was doing the right thing by giving Bella, Runty, and Bruiser store-bought food. Store-bought dog foods have tons of unhealthy chemicals in them! I try to eat a diet that is rich in natural, unprocessed food......and so why should I do anything differently for my 3 babies? Plus, I was shelling out a lot of cash each month on large bags of dog food and wanted to find a way to provide them healthier and possibly more inexpensive meals, that didn't take too much time to put together.

I didn't know quite where to turn to find healthy and inexpensive recipes and I spent quite a few hours on the internet looking for answers. I found some recipes online but they were very time-consuming to make and I wasn't sure how knowledgeable and well-versed the sources were in dog health. After a number of failed home-cooking attempts, I did some more online research and I managed to find "Healthy Dog Food: Dr. Miller's Secret Homemade Recipes." It had a lot of good reviews and ratings so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I swear, Bella, Runty, and Bruiser are still thanking me today for the purchase :) Gone are the days, where I'd set down a dish of store-bought food and they'd take a few bites and then ignore it for hours. They now wolf down their home-made meals with enthusiasm. I have noticed that their coats seem shinier and that, in particular, Bella seems to have a lot more energy. Dr. Miller has many years of experience as a vet and provides almost 250 recipes which he has tested on his own dogs...so you know they are tried and true! They have had very limited health problems since I have owned them, and I chalk this up in part, to the healthy meals I am serving them. Each time I feed them, I feel like I am giving them love and helping to extend their lives. It definitely has been cheaper to feed them this way, so I am also saving some major bank too, which is an added plus :)

Anyway, if you want to check out Dr. Miller's website Click Here!