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Heat Cycle

by Linze
(Mackay, Qld)

Hi there. We lost our favourite boy due to spinal injury 19 Dec.Even after spinal surgery he lost the use of his hind legs. Our bitch was too young for them to mate but she has come into heat.I noticed the swelling on Monday and its getting worse everyday.The bleeding started today (Wednesday). When will she be ready to conceive? We are going to use a friend's male?I would appreciate your help in this matter urgently please!

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Apr 08, 2013
Mating Jack Russell
by: Frank

Sorry to hear about the loss of your Jack Russell, it's so hard to lose a family member. It sounds like your bitch is going through heat. Most people advise to wait until the first season has passed and then the second season should be fine. It is wise to wait until your bitch is at least 1 years old because at that time she will have the maturity and stature to safely carry out a litter. But 18 months to 2 years is better. During heat she will begin to leave a bloody discharge and her vulva will swell. About 10 to 12 days after the appearance of the bloody discharge, the female dog will be ready to allow a male to mount her.

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