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by Heather
(Glens Fork, KY)

My mom just adopted a Jack Tzu. Are all JackTzu's long haired? I saw where it said they shed more than a pure JRT. So if they shed, then they wont need to be clipped and groomed? My mom isnt sure she wants to keep her if she will need regular grooming. Thanks!

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Jan 29, 2013
by: Deborah

She sure sounds adorable!!!Jrt,s shed and they come two different ways there is a smooth coat and a rough coat and yes they do shed,being mixed with a Shih-Tzu I would imagine that she is going to be needing grooming Yes....I would love to see a pic of her?I own 2 JRT,s Elvis and Patch Elvis and Patch are both smooth coat and they do not need grooming at all just brushed and bathed every month or so and both of mine do shed all over the house Im constantly vacuuming,But do not let your Mom get rid of her I do not think that is a good enough reason to rid of a pet my dogs are my kids and very spoiled rotten and mean the world to me Like I said I would love to see some pics of this adorable baby?
Good Luck

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