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by Heather
(Glens Fork, KY)

My mom just adopted a Jack Tzu. Are all JackTzu's long haired? I saw where it said they shed more than a pure JRT. So if they shed, then they wont need to be clipped and groomed? My mom isnt sure she wants to keep her if she will need regular grooming. Thanks!

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Mar 27, 2013
by: Anonymousgroomer

Long haired dogs need grooming every 4 to 6 weeks to avoid matting of the hair. Mats knot up and pull the skin taut which then causes bruising called hemotomas which are not only painful to fido but dangerous to his health. Fine haired dogs such as Shihtzus are more prone to matting than coarse haired dogs like jrt s.

As a pet care professional I suggest your mother get a short coarse haired dog that is under 45 pounds - such a dog can be bathed in the tub and towel dried by the owner with no groomer.

Try a beagle. Jrt. Parson russell. patterdale. Chihuaha. Boston terrier. Or french bulldog. Best of luck then.

Feb 19, 2013
Jack Tzu
by: Betsy

Probably not what you want to hear - but it can sometimes be hard to tell with mixed breeds. Jacks can be shedders and a Shih Tzu's usually don't - so it can go either way. Because Shih Tzu's tend to have longer hair then some grooming might be involved. It may not be the best match for your Mom then unfortunately.

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