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helllp uss n our lilly!

hi me n my family had a pom for 13 years and we ended up with another puppy unaware of her behaviour just so cute she. Was pretty big I think a few months and were a happy family everyone has ups n downs but no abuse n she's a jack Russell rat and she's very agressive when playing n closing the doors ! What should we do? We've already fallen inluv with her ????


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Feb 04, 2012
by: Gretta

Are you consistent with her? Is she getting enough exercise/long walks?
When she is aggressive during play, like if she bits you, you need to say "ow" and then turn your back and ignore her, even walk away. Then make sure you praise her for playing nicely. Dogs often play off of human energy, so if you are excited/high energy, your dog will be as well. When you play with her you need to be calm and not fast moving.

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