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Help! Ive just adopted a jack russel!

by Rachel

Ok, i already have a beautiful labrador and 2 guinea pigs and some friends that are moving abroad have asked me to have their 8 yr old jack russel... Ive only had him 3 days and already hes gone for the guinea pigs, shakes all the time even though ive bought him a coat and made his bed inside. How do i introduce the guinea pigs to him without attack and how do i get rid of the foul smelling breath?

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May 31, 2012
Oh Dear!
by: MichaelL65

Oh Dear! First of all, do not let the dog near the guinea pigs. They will become doggy dinner very quickly! As someone already pointed out, Jack Russell's are bred to hunt small critters such as those. Secondly, Jack's are very loyal dogs. They are a one person dog as they grow very attached to their owner. It will take an 8 year old JRT a long time to adjust to a new master. Be patient with him. Give him lots of love and attention. Be prepared for him to act out. He is going to miss his previous owner, and wonder why they are no longer there. He will grieve his loss, and you need to be prepared for that. Hold him lots, pet him lots, love him lots, and keep him busy. I am sure that he will eventually accept you as his new owner, but it will take time. Please don't get angry with him. He is only 8 years old, which is young for a JRT. I am sure, that with lots of love and attention he will bring many more years of love and affection. Good luck!

May 30, 2012
Jack Russell
by: Deborah

I would not let your Jack get near the Guinea pigs Jacks instinct is to kill small animals like Squirrels,Lizards,Guinea pigs ect.They were bred for that so keep him away from them and anything small as far as an animal.

May 29, 2012
patience and love
by: Anonymous

Don't let him near your guinea pigs or they may not be around much longer. He sounds stressed, (wouldn't you be?) most likely causing the shaking and bad breath (or he could have dental plaque which a vet would diagnose). Give him dental chews, and lots of love and attention. This is a huge adjustment for an 8 yr old JR so you'll need a lot of patience. Good luck!

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