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HELP! My 10 month old pup won't stop peeing!

by Eleanor

Hi there! My 10 month old jackchi wont stop peeing indoors, I took Tom's advice, and had Tag nuetered, but a few months on, he is still doing it. He jumps on the door repeatedly to go out to pooh, and has done since he was very young, but still pees indoors, he does it on family members or strangers when they come to visit, he seems to walk and pee as well, as if he doesn't know he's doing it half the time, I praise him, and give him a treat when he does go outside, and he looks so pleased with himself, and you feel as if he's got the message, but then he just does it again indoors whenever it suits him. I am using a urine cleaner, that eliminates all major components of urine, but this doesn't seem to help much either! I have had him checked over by the vet, and she says everything is normal, other than this, he is such a good little dog. I am at my wits end with this, I would really appreciate it, if anyone could help. Kindest regards Eleanor.

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Jun 16, 2012
Jack peeing inside
by: Andrew

It sounds like your little guy isn't fully potty trained. You may need to go back to basics and put him on a very regimented schedule and go every two hours.
If he's not able to in the same room as you are, he should be crated. You may even want to limit him to only one or two rooms in your house. When he is able to be in the room with you, keep an eye on him so you can watch for signs of imminent pottying and hurry him outside. If you catch him in the act, tell her "No!" and rush him outside. When he goes outside, praise praise praise.

If he doesn't already have a "potty" word, teach him one. While he is in the process of 'going' outside, put the word you want to call it to the action. For example, we use "go potty" to mean pee, so while our dog was peeing, we would tell him "Go potty!" and then "Good boy! Good potty!" and keep repeating it until he had finished, then give him pets/praise.

Thoroughly clean your floors with the enzyme based cleaner like you have been doing
Do you feed/water him on a schedule? If not, it might be a good idea to do so. When you know when the stuff goes in, you'll learn when it needs to come out.

As he improves, you can increase the time between potty breaks. In terms of peeing on people when they come over - you are going to need to make sure that when people come over you don't get your pup too excited. Don't answer the door until he is calm and instruct guests to completely ignore him until at least 5 or 10 minutes into the visit.

Hope these tips help!

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