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Help please?? :)

We have a male JRT that is 6 years, a female JRT that is not quite 2 years old and just got another male an he is only 2 months old. Our older male seemed a little anxious at first, which I assume is normal ...but our female seems to be EXTREMELY anxious and jittery. She seems scared and shakes uncontrollably. I was just wanting to see if this was "normal" and if there was anything I should know or be aware of....or if someone had any advice that would be helpful.


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Feb 20, 2014
Jack Russell anxious
by: Jane

I would first check her out with your vet to make sure nothing is medically wrong. Then, if given a clean bill of health, I would make sure that you are supervising them when they are all together and not letting them alone. For now, try feeding them in separate locations to avoid stress. And the same with sleeping. Working on commands with them can help boost confidence in all three of them and can help overall behavior.

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