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Help with Jack Russell Puppy

by Cody White

I just got a 7 week old Jack from my sister.
She weaned him off of his mother a week ago.
And began feeding them soft and chewy Purina puppy food.
I just got him 3 days ago, and decided to feed him IAMS puppy food. He has been slowly picking at it, and not eating much. And he started doing something a couple times a day. He'd go into like, a dry heaving fit. Like he was trying to get something up, but nothing would come up. I mixed in some water with the food to make it softer, and he chowed down on it today. But he threw up a little bit of it just then. What could be causing these dry heaves ? And should I try something different with the food ? Also, this morning, his gums were really white. But when he ate his bowl of food, about a 1/4 to a 1/2 cup, they started turning a little pink. I just wanna ask around before I take him to the vet, so maybe I won't have to.

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Sep 23, 2012
Jack Russell dry heaving
by: Fred

Hmmm, I wondering if your puppy swallowed his food too fast causing to much air to enter his stomach. That can cause dry heaving and the change of color in the gums. It could also be an allergic reaction. Purina and Iams are not the best quality dog food and somethings contain allergens. Check the bag for how much food and divide that among 3 to 4 meals. You can give kibble that you have softened with water. Also, if you decide to switch food brands you need to do it slowly, if you do it too quickly it can really upset a dogs stomach. Mix the old and new food and gradually increase the amount of new food (done over a week or so).

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