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Help with purchasing a muzzle

by Lee Ann

My 10 month old jrt pup Willie, went Cujo on the Vet & technician other day, we couldn't even get a muzzle on him. Last time he was at the vet was maybe 2 months ago for neuter (different) vet. I was shocked & mortified! He normally goes everywhere happy & expecting a party. He's well socialized and as he goes to work with me, still meets new people every day. Granted he was sick & grumpy. Anyway, I am going to take him on pop-in visits to the vet & hang out in the waiting room etc., to try to curb this behavior but I thought it might be a good idea to look into a muzzle. I hate the thought of it but if I must, I'd appreciate info on various kinds.

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Apr 30, 2012
by: Deborah

I do not know much about muzzles but your Jack may have not felt well that day and did not want anyone to touch or play or anything with him and yes Jacks have bad days like people do so that just may have been the proble from the get go.I have 2 boy Jacks myself and Elvis my 5 year old when I got him he was not well socialized at all and would attack any dog that was on a leash or just any dog at all and now since we got our second one he is a changed Jack more loving and they are perfect brothers!

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