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by Pauline slater
(West Yorkshire )

Can anybody help I have a mum and a daughter and they fight every time one thinks the other is getting more attention or when the kids are playing with them and get exited

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Dec 04, 2012
Help for fighting jrt's
by: Anonymous

Dear hogwash,

My story about our wonderful boy breaking up the girls is both true and much kinder than shocking an already upset dog.

I only wanted to suggest what worked for my family. I agree in most cases to neuter males, but in our dogs case it was not needed. He is a 14 plus happy boy. His two sisters whle loved dearly could be unstable around each other. It is ignorant of you to call my true life experience or ideas hogwash.

Good luck with the fighting girls, do your research, hear everyone out and decide for yourself how best to help them.

By the way, be ware of grumpy people with shock collars!

Dec 04, 2012
Fighting dogs.
by: Anonymous

JRT's fight each other. As for not neutering, bah humbug. Neuter them, period.
If you want to tolerate the fighting, and pay for all those stiches, that is your choice or.. you might consider getting a training collar, that allows you to shock (your choice of strength) the aggressor.
Hogwash, on the unstable female mess..

Dec 04, 2012
Help answer
by: Linda

I had the same problem with my jack russell girls that were a year art in age. They ended up ripping into each other so bad, we had to go to the vet to many times to count for stitches.
Someone told me my two females were challenging each other for top female position and if I got a male JRT and he was the dominant one in the litter, he would put an end to the fights when he came of age. (About 6 months old).
I thought this was crazy, but was desperate and after some research gave it a try. Now at first I found myself with a very dominant male puppy who even at 8 weeks old, attempted to "lead" all of us. We worked very hard to show him we were to be his master and after a few days of struggle, he seemed to accept this. We did however let him be top dog over the females. He got his meals before the girls etc...
We watched and waited during the 6 months while our sweet girls continued to fight. We never had him fixed as we wanted him to stay male and lead the girls. During his sixth month the girls had a fight in our kitchen when our sweet male walked up to them and silently lifted his lip and just gave them what we now refer to as the look. The girls sprung apart faster than I could believe with their heads hung and even rolled over giving him their bellies. The fights became few and far between and each time he only lifted his lip and it was over! No more stitches, no more fights!! Not only that, but years later when my grandson was born, my male would lay close by the babies blanket when I had him on the floor and although he would obey me and not get on the babies blanket, he would stay very close to the edge and when our female jacks would pass through the room my male would use his look and the girls would go the long way around. He looked at them as if to say, "you are not stable enough to come close".
This sounds crazy, but anyone of my family will tell you it worked. Yoshi was and still is our little miracle!

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