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by kirsty
(south wales)

i have a 2 year old male JR who has been castrated in the last 10 weeks, all went fine with the op but now he seems to be getting very over excited and wee-ing every time some one enters the room or when ever he is left alone ( eg over night) his health in general is perfect, however he did eat ibroprufen tablets when he was about 5 moths old, the vet advised that he may suffer some long term damage further down his life time, im going out of my mind with him. im 10 days away from having my 1st baby and i just dont know what to do with him, the last thing i want is to have to get rid of him, i have booked him in for another check up at the vets for tomorrow ( after discovering at 7am this morning he managed to get onto my dinningroom table and wee all over it ) he is such a playful & loving dog but having to clean up after him every morning becomes a daunting task, can someone please help me or advise me in which direction to go next :) many thanks in advance :)

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Feb 19, 2014
JRT peeing when excited
by: Jennifer

It sounds like you have a lot on your hands with a baby coming and your Jack Russell!

There are a few things going on: I would google "submissive pee". That is when a dog pees when they are excited. That is something you can easily fix and help him with. Obedience classes help a lot to build confidence.

For the night peeing - make sure you walk him just before bed, a decent walk. Cut off water access a few hours before. And get a crate. Most dogs will not pee where they sleep. And most dogs love the crate because it creates a warm safe place (have comfy blankets/a dog bed).

Maybe with all the changes coming your Jack can sense something is different. Because the baby coming, now is the time to take care of this before you get super busy. If you are feeling really stressed about finding the time I would consider hiring a pet behaviorist to help you out or a dog walker to help you get some extra walks in.

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