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Henry Harley and Eliot

by Jenne Tomlinson

Henry and Harley love to eat birds. We always have to give them a bath. Henry always hates baths and flies, they always try to get in his mouth but I think that is weird. And Harley is a bad boy, Harley is cute but is bad to the bone, he and Henry eat walls and love to get into things.

Henry learns from Harley so Henry is a little bit bad. Harley acts like a cat but I always tell him that he is a dog, not a cat. They both love to sleep in the morning and night. They love to bark at other dogs but we all still love them.

One thing I forgot to tell you people is Eliot is 96 in human in dog years. He is 14. My Poppop is younger than Eliot because Eliot is 96 years old.

It is hard to cut their nails. Henry broke one nail on our deck. He put his nail in the crack. After you cut your dog's nails you should give them a dog treat but if you do not have any dog treats, go buy some, or you can give them a cookie that does not have cholate in it because chocolate can kill them. You do not want that to happen do you? No, just give them a plain cookie, bake some if you do not have any.

Jack Russells are hard to care for and do not treat them bad. Someone told me something, I do not remember but it was bad to do to a Jack Russell, so do not treat your dog badly or it will treat you badly and do everything you do not want it to do to you and your house.

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Oct 28, 2011
To all
by: jenne

I thought the stoy was cute

Jul 19, 2010
by: Donna

I love the fact that you said Harley acts like a cat. My Sonny will wind around my legs like a cat when he is unsure.

Jul 18, 2010
Mom to All
by: Anonymous

Jenne I love your story because I love Jack Russells. I have three and they are crazy little dudes.

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