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Henry is Nice till Harley

by Jenne Tomlinson
(Lewes, Delaware)

Hello Henry as you all know is nice and clam and Harley the opposite. When I played ball with the dogs once Harley had a fight with Henry and I didn't know what to do. So I threw a chuchkit and I missed and they kept fighting. And when they stopped Henry had a boo bo near his eye and everything changed! Henry started grrring at Harley all the time but mostly Harley grrr's 24.7 all day long. So sorry not much to say so I will keep you posted Bye Bye..

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May 25, 2013
Henry and Harley
by: Betty

Sorry to hear that Henry and Harley are fighting! Hopefully it's just a passing phase. My Jacks sometimes don't get along. I keep a water bottle full of rocks and I shake it when I hear them start to go at it and it usually startles them and they stop.

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