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by John
(Bonney Lake wa.)

Our jack russel is about 14 years old and has sudenly lost control of his right hind leg,We have been to the vet and they have given us something like Ibrofin in a liquid form that we give to him dailey. He seems much better for a half a day and then things seam worse the next day. Any ideas or is this the end?

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Apr 09, 2015
Senior Jack Russells
by: William

I would ask your vet about some other types of medication and therapy. Maybe you need to give him two doses a day versus one? Or something stronger?

Also, look for modifications around the house - don't let him jump on things,keep him from going up and down stairs, raise his feeding bowls so he doesn't have to bend and extra padding for his bed.

Maybe try some heating pads for later in the day to help ease his muscles.

Keep in mind that a hind leg can take some time to heal and that sequestering him for awhile might help (not walking him too much, making sure he is resting).

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