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House Training a Jack Russell Puppy

I have a concern with my new puppy. I've had her 2 weeks and she is so far amazing! When I am home she goes outside for the toilet and is now able to run outside on her own to go. We have very few accidents when I am there. However, a recent and unexpected change in living situation in the house means that at the moment she is left at home whilst I am at work. I have sought vet advice and they stress as long as puppy knows you are coming home and is in a routine this is fine. But I am concerned about the mixed messages she is getting regarding the toilet.

She was cage trained whilst younger, but as she sleeps there, I do not want to leave her in her cage whilst im at work...she is too high energy. She is used to puppy pads but only in the cage, so I have put one by the door where she would go outside. However she is not really using it. She may use it once but then I find little presents elsewhere in the room.

I know she will never be able to wait all day for the toilet whilst I am away, and I always take her out just before I leave and as soon as I get back. But does anyone have any advice for getting her to use the toilet just in one place. I am reluctant to leave her cage out as I need to train her out of the cage.


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Apr 06, 2010
by: Crystal

My little guy is used to going out the front door to go potty. I have a bell by the door that I ring every time we go outside. He hasn't caught onto ringing the bell himself yet but he does know that the front door is where we go when we go potty. Last night he had diarrhea and he couldn't hold it or wake me up in time. He went on the floor right by the door. Puppy pads by the door keep it from getting messy.

Try combining puppy pads and taking your pup out the same way every time you go out. Maybe he/she will pick up on the routine and go on the pads easier!
Good Luck!

Mar 16, 2010
Jack Russell Housetraining
by: Tom

Rita's recommendations are spot on. Also, instead of the puppy pads you can use a dirty tray, similar to a litter box for a cat, as I recommend in my book. You should find that as the pup adjusts to your new routine you will see the problem start to diminish - it's always difficult for a pup to change routines.

Also, depending on what the climate is like where you are and the layout of your property, you may consider leaving her outside while you're at work, just until she's housebroken. The reason for this being that if she has repeated accidents inside, those accidents can develop into a habit, so it's better to prevent them if possible.

Consistency is very important - keep rewarding and praising her for going in the right place and try to limit her chances to have an accident as much as possible. The more you reward the right behaviors, the quicker she will learn and adapt to the new routine. As Rita said, clean up any accidents thoroughly to neutralize odours (which tell the puppy where her toilet area is.) You can actually use the odours to your advantage as well - if you have some soiled puppy pads or newspaper, put them outside in the spot you want her to use as the toilet. This can help her understand where her toilet area is as dogs are hardwired to go in the same place (once they know where it is!).

Hope this helps :)


Mar 15, 2010
Puppy Training While Away
by: Rita Davey

There are puppy training sheets that you can buy for them to go on. I myself haven't used them but my sister did and they work wonders. I would imagine you could put one or two down where he/she goes to go outside and this should deter him/her from going elsewhere. Once they get in that sort of situation it is very hard to break. Make sure to wash and spray this particular area(s) with vinegar. This way they won't go back to it or think this is their area. Check at a PetStore,most all of them carry them. I do believe they are called Puppy Training Pads and you put them on the floor. Hope this helps.

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