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Housebreaking problems 1 yr old

by Sandy
(Church Hill, MD)

I have a 1 yr old male that we have got when he was 8 wks. We started potty training early and have been consistant. He will "go" when we take him out and if he has to go inside, then he will do that too. He doesn't seem to know maybe how to tell us that he needs to go outside. He doesn't always try to hide it. We reward for good and ignore bad behavior. But is there an option to ignoring bad? I'm starting to wonder if he is "un-trainable". He's smart is everything else, but not this. We bought your e-book and I've done alot of reading on the subject and we've tried everything. We really need advice please?

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Mar 21, 2013
Housebreaking problems 1 yr old

The biggest mistake I can see from your post is that you "are ignoring the bad behavior". This is a Jack Russell, right? There are three very important things to know about this breed; 1. They are extremely intelligent; 2. They are just like human "children"; 3. They are rarely, if ever, untrainable; no matter what their past history is.

Because of reasons 1&2; You must address the bad behavior; you wouldn't let your children pee & poop on the floor without reprimand; would you? And because of reason 1&2 they are reason #3.

First of all; most if not all dogs; will give you a signal when they have to go out... you may be missing this; pay more attention to their body language. Secondly; at 1 year old; they're still a "puppy". In reality, NOW is the time they will learn the most from you, if you don't address the bad behavior; they will never understand what it is they are doing wrong. You MUST keep "Alpha Dog" position in your JRT's life at ALL times; never let them have the upper hand. You MUST be FIRM in your reprimands with your JRT as they are a very stubborn breed; although willing to please; if they think you are a push-over; you're done.. they will over run your life; and will forever do exactly what they want; not what you want them to do. If your JRT is going on the floor; whether it's right after it comes in from outside or at any other time.. be firm in your tone (this breed is particularly sensitive to mood changes and tones of voice) Take your Jack to his mistake; SHOW him the puddle or pile; point to it; a 3 finger smack on the butt and a FIRM "NO, BAD DOG" immediately followed by putting him outside, will get the message across in no time at all.

I had 6 JRT's of my own; and have housebroken 3 litters of pups by the time they were 10 weeks old. All of my litters were 90% trained by the time they went to their new homes. All of MY JRT's are housebroken; and the only time they ever go on the floor is if they have been left too long without going out.

A year ago; I left my ex and kept my oldest JRT with me, he is 10. The other 5 stayed with my ex. My 10 year old goes out twice a day. Once in the morning; before we go to work; and once at night when we get home. He NEVER goes in the house; and will hold it until we can get him outside. I've had him since he was 6 months old; and he was completely UNTRAINED when I took ownership of him.

Keep up the positive reinforcement; but DO NOT under any circumstances IGNORE the the BAD BEHAVIOR.

Feel free to email me with any questions. Hope this helps.

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