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Housetraining puppies is a messy job. I'm not going to lie to you. Newspaper will be your friend when it comes to rescuing your carpets from a puppy you're trying to housetrain - although it's not the best method, as I explain in my ebook.

With some luck, the breeder will have started the job for you. This may even be a factor that helps you decide which breeder to buy from - although it shouldn't be as important as socialization of the puppies and sanitary conditions at the place of breeding.

When you're at this stage of your puppy's development, you should make sure you aren't making any major training mistakes that could turn your puppy into a future terror. My free special report on Jack Russell training mistakes will help you avoid a lot of problems.

Housetraining puppy

The first step in housetraining puppies is taking them outside after every meal and drink to do their business. This alone should help you keep your carpet relatively clean. But a new puppy should be eating four meals a day, and will want to relieve itself at least six times a day. I'm no mathematician, but those numbers would seem to indicate your carpet is still in danger of "puppy accidents."

Always remember to praise and reward the puppy after it shows the action you want. In this case, that would be relieving itself outside. Use the same area outside every time - this helps reinforce this place in the puppy's mind as the spot to do his business.

Using a Command

Like with any action you want to teach a dog (Sit, Stay, etc.) you can use a verbal command to get your dog to use the toilet. The basic rules of training apply. When your dog shows the action you want to associate the command with, use the command simultaneously. A Jack Russell has a short attention span, so the command has to happen at the same time or just before the action for the association to stick (not after - that is no good). So, just as you see your puppy about to urinate or defecate, say your command word in a firm, clear tone. You can tell the puppy is about to go to the toilet when it starts circling and sniffing a spot. It will then squat.

The word doesn't have to be "toilet," it could be whatever you choose, but the shorter the better. It's better if it's not a word that will be used for anything else around the house - imagine calling the plumber to report a broken toilet and then looking down to see your JRT peeing all over your new Persian rug. Also, make sure it doesn't rhyme with "Sit."

Remember, this will only work when the dog has a full bladder and stomach, so don't bother trying to do it in a regular training session when you know the puppy has nothing to expel.

If you live in an apartment, you will need to have a designated toilet area for your dog. You can use dog litter or newspaper, whatever you prefer. Make sure any indoor toilet area is far from the dog's sleeping and feeding spots. Puppies are (usually) smart enough to know not to do their business all over their own living space.

Leaving a few soiled newspapers in the area can help the puppy to learn faster that this is the toilet area - but use this technique at the expense of your own nostrils. If you can't stand the puppy smells, pet shops sell cleaning products which are created specially for the purpose of removing them.

Housebreaking - How to Stop Your Jack Russell Puppy From Chewing Up Your Life

After toilet training, the other most important part of housetraining puppies is teaching them not to destroy everything you own. Jack Russell puppies are notorious for this. The solution to this, luckily, is simple: if you don't want to puppy to chew something, make it taste horrible. Pet shops sell foul-tasting sprays you can use to deter chewing but which are totally safe for puppies.

Remember - patience is the key. Housetraining puppies can take a long time, so don't stress and try to have a sense of humor about little accidents. If your dog reaches adulthood and is still not housetrained, it may be time for a trip to a professional trainer. If a housebroken adult dog suddenly starts peeing all over the house, it could be a sign of a psychological or medical problem and may warrant a trip to the vet. In a male dog it may just be a case of marking territory.

Housetraining puppies, admittedly, is not much fun - but most other aspects of puppy raising can be. This is the time to bond with your pup, so don't stress over little accidents.

These tips give you the basis for housetraining a puppy. There can be a lot of troubleshooting involved in this stage of a puppy's development. My new ebook, The Jack Russell Lover's Ultimate Guide To Training, covers housetraining in depth, as well as a number of killer techniques to dealing with different types of problems relating to pups going to the toilet inside. I also explain why paper-training is not the best method of housebreaking. Avoiding these mistakes will make the process of training and raising your puppy go much more smoothly, saving you lots of time and frustration.

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