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How do I get my Jack Russell, Chihuahua, Boston terrier mix to LOVE bathtime??!!!

by sherry
(Phoenix, Az)

How do I get my Jack Russell, Chihuahua,Boston terrier mix to LOVE bathtime??!!!

Seriously. My little mixed up Jack mix is nuts!!! And when it comes to bathtime he squeaks/ cries (unrelrelentlessly! !!!) the entire time! He won't even take treats or toys, which i learned can help with training a dog to atleast tolerate bathtime. Not this jack mix!!! He hates baths and further more im afraid that baths traumatize him. Ive had him since was a pup,now he's approx. 2/3 years old. He seriously shakes and cries the entire time i wash him. He really doesnt like water as is and will go out of him way to walk around.or.hop.over puddles or "repel himself" any sort of water. But bathtime makes me feel like i need a stiff drink to deal with him constant, relentless crying, and more importantly i worry about his stress level while to him this baths seem so traumatic. Im open for suggestions to help y lille guy or at least tolerate baths. All professional groomer /trainer Jack mix knowledgeable_ suggestions especially appreciterd! Thx!

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Oct 15, 2013
bath time
by: Anonymous

i have a jr x mini fox (with chihuahua)
We struggled too with bath time until I put an old towel in the bottom of the tub, She is much calmer as she does not slip and slide around. I also use luke warm water.
good luck, I understand how stressful it can be for both of you.

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