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how do i get my jack russell to poop outside?

by alisa

I have a Jack Russell that is almost a year old and she was doing really well on her potty training, but now she will not poop outside.. We will walk her FOREVER and she will not poop outside, we come in and 2 seconds later she poops.. I have started taking her for more walks and if she does not poop I will lock her in her crate until she poops when I walk her.. How do I get her to only poop outside??

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Sep 20, 2011
Pooping outdoors
by: Anonymous

When my little dog, after being trained to poop outdoors, decided at one point that he was only going to poop indoor, s I was advised tosprinkle a bit of lavender oil on his bed in his crate and then use lavender carpet freshener before I cleaned the carpets, also to put fresh poop where you want your pup to poop in the garden. The thinking was that most dogs won't foul their own sleeping place and therefore the smell of lavender all over meant they would not poop where they had the same smell. It worked for my pup. Also the smell of lavender all over the house is lovely.

Sep 19, 2011
Pooping outside
by: Robert

When your dog poops inside, I would take it outside (I know, it's kind of gross) and place it on the grass. I would walk your dog by the poop and see if that triggers anything. Also take your dog outside right after eating and then try to wait her out. Make sure you have treats with you in case she does go and reward her right after.

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