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how do i potty train a 3 month old jack russel?

by Melisa
(Des Moines IA )

Hello, i purchased a jack russel not to long ago and well i live on the third floor in a apartment complex, and well i have three kids so its hard to potty train her because i cant go all the way down stairs every ten minutes and leave my kids upstairs i tried puppy pads but maybe i didnt do it right or long enough it seems like she goes every ten minutes when i first got her i lived in a hotel until we got settled and she was good at going outside plus it was easier for me since i could just take her right out the door and still watch the kids but its a little hard now, so how can i train her to potty on the puppy pads? and she also has a bad habbit of chewing up everything how do i stop this? i dont want to get rid of her because she is great with kids and a very loving dog but i work alot and i cant keep up with this if we cant get it under control please help???????????

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May 20, 2012
Patience with puppies
by: Anonymous

Sylvia, Jack Russells are not really suited for apartment living... they are high energy dogs. Also puppies have a very small bladder, just like babies and don't have bladder control. It sounds like you have your hands full with 3 children. Perhaps you need to try to rehome your dog. Dogs, especially Jack Russells, are a big responsiblity. If you decide to keep your dog, start by reading as much as you can about training your puppy and about the Jack Russell breed. Also, be patient, when your puppy uses the pads, praise him and you can give him a treat. Do not scold him if he has an accident. Our dog too 1 year to potty train and he had both me and my husband tending to him. As far as chewing, give him lots of toys that are suitable for puppies to chew on - puppies are just like babies and during teething, they will chew on things. It takes time and patience to train your dog. I hope things work out for you.

Apr 25, 2012
Potty training
by: Sylvia Ford

Jack Russell are very intelligent dogs, and the moving would have big thing for her. They learn quick. You have to do the same thing all the time, don't do one thing one day and change it the next. They do not like change so you will just have to keep trying the puppy pads. Everytime he goes somewhere else beside the puppy pad put him on the pad and sternly say no. You have to show him you are the boss.
Don't ever hit a Jack Russell as they won't take abuse intentionally or not.
Another thing is to flip him onto his back, make him look at you and keep telling no. Don't call him bad as he is not.
As for the chewing make sure you have rawhide chewies around. They need something very tough as chewing is one off thier big things. As he gets older get them bigger. A pet store will beable to tell what is good for his age. We have a 16 month
purebred Jack Russell and we totally adore him, he is our baby. We went through all of this, and found out from a trainer the best thing to do is flip him over, and sternly talk to him, do not yell.

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