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How do you all keep your Jacks amused

by aj

Hi,I have a jack russel who`s almost 15 months old. He has always had a very passive demeanour about him. He has always been so calm, plays when you play and lays around otherwise. We have given him balls and they become more of a hassle than anything else. He pushes them under furniture and then barks until you get them out for him. I even bought him a ball that is battery operated and moves around the house, he chewed the rubber off but it still works. It is just loud now without the rubber and my floors are all ceramic and hard wood so between that and his barking at the rolling ball it is nuts around here. It is at the point where I want to take the balls away from him, he has a kong toy and a rubber bone that he plays with but he enjoys nothing more than his balls and they are really aggravating me. Jack is very well exercised, he gets his walks daily and I throw his kong around the house on and off all day. I even get down on his level and play with him, I have him chase me and I chase him. He is becoming more active as he gets older. What do you all do with your hiper jacks. What games can I play with him indoors, with winter fast approaching I need to entertain him, please help.

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Dec 02, 2011
How do you keep your jacks amused?
by: Sue

Our 20 month old Jack does the same things with a ball as yours. He seems obsessed with it. We have to put the ball away and limit his time with it. His next favorite toy is a stuffed squeak toy. Like you, we are looking for interactive toys to rotate to keep him occupied.

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