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How much should my jrt weigh?

by Ellie

I've had my Jack Russell Terrier Roxy 7 years and as she was our first dog she was very spoiled eg a lot of treats, she used to have things we are for her food. We have stopped that now, but she is quite big, the vets have always been telling us she's overweight and we always tried to put her on a diet but every time we gave in. About 4 years ago she got attacked by a Rottweiler, she had to stay in the vets for a few nights and have a few operations done, altogether it took around 2 months for her to make a full recovery. And since then she was spoiled again and has always been overweight. However recently we got our 4th jrt, and because she's a pup we have to feed her at set times, so we have been with the other 3 too, and we've noticed that since she hasn't been having her good down all day she has got slimmer. She is a muscley dog anyway but we recent weighed her and in January she weighed 9.9kg and now she weighs 8.8kg, she has become more active and happier in herself, we have only been doing this new food arrangement for a month as we have had our pup a month, but it got me thinking how much should she weigh? Because we want as long as we can with her, so we are gonna make her lose weight and get healthy and fit again by carrying on this food arrangement forever as it has helped a lot. But how much should a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier Girl Weigh?

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Apr 12, 2015
Jack Russell weight
by: Alice

Roxy sounds like a true sweetheart!! Most Jacks weigh between 13-17 pounds (6-7.8 kg) so it sounds like losing a little more weight will be good for her since it will continue to increase her activity level. It's so easy to spoil these cuties, but you are right about keeping her healthy.

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