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How my Angel rescued me

by Julie A. Garland
(USA (North Carolina))

I got "Izzy Boo Boo" when he was 7 weeks old. It was during a very difficult time in my life. My son (and only child ) was killed in an accident 3 years earlier. Izzy gave me something that needed me. Someone who loved me. When I found out that he was born 3 years to the day that my son was killed I knew right then that he had to be sent to me. He will be 11 years old July 17th. He's been with me through it all. We've had some great times together. He's licked the tears off my face. I never thought I could love a dog this much. I never realized how smart a dog can be. He's the center of my world. He loves cats and has his own personal cat "Batman". They play together and keep me lots of company. I am very blessed to have Izzy Boo Boo.

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