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How to Stop JRT from Running Out The Door

by Rita
(Ontario, Canada)

My JRT is now 9 months old. His running out the door when your not looking is getting intolerable. Thought of electric fencing however my driveway is paved, I don't have much to put underground. When he starts running he thinks it's a game. "It's catch me if you can." I don't smack him or scold him other than "you're bad" because he knows once he is caught. He's run across busy roads, you can get as close as approx. 2 feet and it's almost like he's laughing at you.

Last weekend there were 4 different people trying to help me get him. Finally one person asked if he liked dogs. He went and got his dog and sure enough they played for a bit and I told the man, get your dog to go into backyard otherwise I knew it wouldn't last. We finally cornered him and I brought him home safe and sound. I'm afraid one of these days he won't be coming home. Can anyone out there help to rectify this problem. It happens at least once a week. Its not as though he doesn't get walked, he's the baby of the house (spoiled) in everyway. What can we do??

Thankyou and I sincerely hope to hear from someone!!

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Mar 23, 2010
The Airlock
by: Tom


Two main bits of advice here. Number one, start really drilling on the Sit-Stay command.

Number two - keep the dog away from the door. Sounds simplistic, but it's the easiest way to solve the problem. This is something that comes from working at a wildlife park. We could train every single animal not to run out of its cage, but that would be a hassle. Instead, you'll notice next time you go to a zoo that every enclosure has what's called an "airlock." This means it has two doors with a space in between. This way, if an animal "gets out," it's not really out - it's just in the airlock.

I have an airlock in my house - the small front room that leads to the front door. The side gate is padlocked at all times unless I need to go through it, so that a visitor can't leave it open and let the dogs out. It's an airtight system.

Make the room that leads to the front door an out of bounds area for your dog. Create an airlock. And work on that Stay command.

Best of luck,


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