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How to Train Your Puppy Easily

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Puppies are cute and adorable. You wouldn’t want them to be apart from you even for just a
few minutes. Even watching them sleep proves to be an enjoyable task. However, soon your
puppy will grow. In fact, it will grow quite fast that you would think you should have taken
the time to train it while it was still a few months old. To do that task successfully, make
sure that you note these tips:

1. Encourage positive reinforcements. Whenever your dog follows a specific task, make
sure that you show it how happy you are that it is following you by giving it some
small treats or a praise and pat at the back. Dogs love treats and it also loves being
cuddled and talked to.
2. Don’t when to punish your dog. If your dog chews on the couch, that deserves some
form of punishment, but unfortunately if you only knew of the damage after a few
hours, punishing your dog may not be a good idea. It won’t know what you are
punishing it for, and so it will not learn not to do that again. Meanwhile, if your dog
has decided to pee inside the house, you can punish it immediately.
3. Don’t give up easily. Your dog may not get the tricks you want it to learn at the
first try and some dogs are harder to train than others. You have to be patient and
consistent in teaching the dog. Make sure that you start with simple tricks and find
the right form of reinforcement that seems to work well.
4. Make a routine. Pretty soon you will realize that a dog’s behavior will depend on
what it has learned to do repeatedly. For example, if you give it food in the morning
and afternoon, it will begin to expect that every day. If you put it outside in the
morning just in time for it to poop, soon you will see that it is asking you to let it out
so that it can do its business.
5. Give them a regular bed time. You can schedule the dog’s bed time to match your
own so that both of you are asleep at the same time. Taking care of a dog is easier
if you don’t have to worry about it while you are off to dreamland. Close the lights
where the dog is positioned and talk to it in a soothing voice until it lies down.
Starting this off while the Jack Russell is still young will be best.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Get Rockwell Nutrition adreno distress guard by following the link.

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May 02, 2013
Training your puppy
by: Perry

Thanks for your helpful advice! Always looking for new training techniques for my new Jack Russell puppy.

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