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huge nipples on 8 year old jr

by becky
(scotland, uk)

i just rescued a dog from a bad family and she is due for soaying next week. however, she has huge nipples which are approx 1.5 inch long and very wide, there is no discharge as far as i can see when squeezed and belly is firm but dont know if she is just fat. previous owners said she had had pups 5 years ago and she was in season a month ago. what is going on?

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Dec 19, 2013
Jack Russell with huge nipples
by: James

Congrats on your rescue! Every time a female dog goes through a heat cycle her body hormonally prepares for puppies by enlargement and development of the mammary chain on the outside and engorgement of the uterus and ovaries with an enhanced blood supply internally. In some dogs this preparation may last almost as long as a normal pregnancy would. In fact even without a breeding it can turn into a false pregnancy, further increasing physical development. The more heat cycles she goes through, the more you will notice physical changes that become more permanent.

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