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I have a wild Jack Russell mix

I have a 5 month old Jack Russell mix with a Beagle puppy name Benny he is a sweet dog and everything but he has a wild side of him!! I have 2 other dogs at home and Benny is fine with my Mom's Chocolate lab until last night he was growling at her and almost
biting her he used to follow her every where she goes and was like his mom instead of
me!! He growls at me and bites me and this morning he tried to escape
by digging his way out of the back yard we have a huge fenced in yard and everything, can you please help me train my Jack Russell mix to be less wild?? Thank
Danielle Fetterhoff
Ps. I don't want to get rid of him or noting so please help me!!

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Sep 29, 2012
The house training nightmare
by: Anonymous

I understand your frustration completely. I also have a 5 month old female JR. We keep her confined to the Kitchen when we can't watch her & leave the door open. DON'T shout at the puppy as this only makes them worse. It will make them crafty they may hide and do it when you are not looking. Don't let them have the run of the house, We have 2 child safety gates by which we can confine Tillie to the Kitchen. We also have a cage in the kitchen, and we leave her there when we have to go out. She has water and somewhere to sleep, which is all they need when you are out. A sign of when she needs a pooh is that she rushes around the room dodging us and wanting to play, this is a sure sign & we take her out straight away. The other sign is when she walks around with her nose on the ground and moving around all the time, that is a sign that she needs a wee. Having said all this there have been times (twice this week) when she has come in from the garden & wee'd on the carpet. We then put her straight outside for 5 mins. Tell you Mum to persevere as they are such loving pets. And very intelligent.We are now trying to stop her barking at every little noise. Ps our last dog Mattie was a Jr too she died in February aged 16 years, we were heart broken.

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