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I have TWO 10 week old litter mates

by kevin
(pendleton sc)

I have TWO 10 week old litter mates and was wondering if thats a good idea to keep both? I bought them for a really low price because the guy didn't want them and was not going to look for a good home them like I will I want to keep one for sure but both if it isn't committing

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Jan 10, 2011
Keeping multiple litter mates
by: Tom

Hi Kevin,

It depends largely on the gender. If the pups are of a different gender, you shouldn't have any problems. If they're both male, I'd have to advise against keeping them both unless you're prepared to do some serious anti-aggression training if they decide they dislike each other when they get older.

A male and a female may have a few snarls over food and toys, but they're unlikely to duke it out - two males will. Having them castrated will help but may not avoid aggression problems entirely. That said, it comes down largely to the temperaments of the individual dogs. In short, if they're both male and you decide to keep them both, be prepared for a potentially rough ride.

Best wishes,


Jan 10, 2011
two for the price of one
by: Anonymous

My only comment is that when my JRT, Ralph, was little I met a man with a pair of Jacks. He complained that because Jack Russells are such devoted companions that if there are 2 of them they become devoted to each other - not to you! Not sure about this in every case, but if you want a dog for yourself it might be better to find another home for the sibling and visit. On the other hand, if you are going to be out a lot at work or something it might be better to leave them together as they love companionship. Mine was very lonely during my working years and is now much more content that I am around every day and never leaves my side - he is 16.

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