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i need help 8-9 year old jack russell

by Lee

The problem only started yesterday...... i came home to find my jack Russell breathing wierd then going back to normal.
As the day progressed he seemed like he was in a depressed state and unable to climb up on the sofa as he always does, further on he keeps shaking as if it some sort of spazum and his back legs seems to be sunken so his back seems curved. having woke up this morning i found him lying behind the back of the sofa and took me to say his name 5 times until he responded, i seriously thought he was dead.
can anyone tell me anything about theses symptoms as i don't really know much about jack Russell and there later life problems.
i feel im going to have to take him to vets today but thought someone on this forum could tell me something i previously didn't know.

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May 25, 2013
Jack's back legs colllapsed
by: Brandon

Could it be that your dog strained some muscles which in turn put some added stress on the spine? our Jack is a tad overweight and that is what happened to him. It was very scary to witness and luckily it just took a few days of full rest and meds for him to be back to normal. Wondering if it could also be a slipped disc too in your case or maybe a hearth condition. What did the vet say?

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