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I think our 2 year old Jack Russell has a bladder problem..

by shannon
(rhode island )

Our Jack Russell is two years old and has always peed every where. We have trained him and he knows now to go outside, and we can tell he is trying but he pees constantly! We leave him outside for a majority of the day when we are home, we see him go to the bathroom, yet he will come right in and pee again. We have taken away the water over night yet when we wake up in the morning, he has peed and pooped in the house. We put him in his crate when we ahve to leave his house with his dog bowl because we heard they will not go to the bathroom where their food is, but he still does it. I am beginning to think he has a bladder problem. He knows what he is doing is wrong because he seems ashamed. Is this something that could be medically wrong such as diabetes or is he just an unruly dog? Thanks in advance!

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Sep 23, 2011
my experience..
by: Anonymous

Well I had a chiuaha (I know I spelt that wrong) he was doing the same thing, we took him to the vet and he had a gallstone that had to be removed.. We let it go so long before we took him he had to have emergency surgery that day :( .. So you may need to get him checked by a vet.. I hope its not that.. Just telling you my experience.. After surgery though, he is a total different dog. Never has an accident now!! :) And he is ALOT happier!!

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