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This is the one-stop info centre for Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) lovers. JR Terriers are famous for their great personalities and abundance of energy, which means they are both great pets and great working dogs. Our JRTs bring joy to our lives, but we all know there are times when these independent characters can turn into little devils.

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The digging, the barking, the snarling, the chewing - I've seen it all and learned how to deal with it, and now I'm passing it on to you. And that's why this site is here - to help you deal with any problems you come across with your pet and answer your questions.

I'm constantly updating the site, aiming to make this a complete JRT information resource and the best JRT site on the net, so be sure to check back regularly for updates. Better yet, click on the orange RSS button on the left to be notified automatically whenever the site is updated!

Whether you are a new proud owner of a JRT, planning on buying a puppy, looking to breed your own pups, looking for training info for a young dog, a long-time owner searching for some interesting facts and pictures, or trying to find a dog to adopt, you'll find everything you need to know right here.

This site tells you how to:

  • Select a new puppy
  • Choose the best breeder
  • Groom your dog
  • Teach your dog to sit, stay, come and more
  • Find a needy Jack Russell to adopt
  • Care for newborn JRT puppies
  • and a whole lot more, including history, pet security and keeping your dog healthy.

Oh, and by the way - it's FREE.

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JR Terrier owners are quite often obsessed with their pets. I have to admit I'm no exception. As a JRT enthusiast it can sometimes be hard to find information specific to our dogs.

They are high energy, affectionate dogs and they require a great deal of attention and exercise. Understanding why JRTs are the way they are helps to increase the enjoyment of the life experiences we share with our animals. And after all, that's the ultimate point of pet ownership - enriching both your life and your pet's life through the experiences you share. All the information on this site will help to ensure your dog has a long and happy life.

I have found JRTs to be among the most life-enriching animals that exist (and being a wildlife park guide, I've had experiences with many, many animals of all shapes and sizes.) JRTs are extremely unique, so they need a site to themselves that provides specific information for their care, training and handling.

I've personally experienced buying, breeding, delivering, hand-feeding, training and owning JRTs.

This site is created by a dedicated and experienced JRT lover just like you.


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