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Information for First Time Jack Russell Owners

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

If it’s your first time to own a Jack Russell, congratulations! You have with you a loyal and loving breed that will fit right into your household. Jack Russell terriers are bred from working dogs, which means they have it in them to co-exist happily with humans and to live happy lives alongside other animals and kids. Moreover, expect your Jack Russell terrier to be intuitive and smart. Once he learns a routine, he will keep doing that routine and improvise along the way to make the work easier for everyone. Your loyal pet is also a great working dog as well as an intelligent companion for when you need to get work done.

Crate Train as Early as Possible

Training a Jack Russell is essential as they can become unruly when misbehaving becomes the norm for them. As soon as your terrier arrives, teach him where the boundaries are. Have a safe zone for him where he can act as he likes, but make sure to show him where he can relieve himself, so that he doesn’t sully his safe zone. Initially, a terrier should have his own cot, where he can curl up and feel safe when the stress gets to him.

The adjustment period can stress out a dog and not being able to soothe himself by staying quiet can make him aggressive. When he is being sullen and curled up in his cot, let him be. When you’ve shown him where he is supposed to go when nature calls, he’s unlikely to pee or poop on his cot because he wouldn’t want to dirty the place where he can soothe himself.

Choose a cot that is snug but not too narrow. If you took a bigger cot to accommodate the puppy’s growth, have some doggy pillows around to make the cot snug during his puppy years. You can adjust the size and quantity of the pillows as you go.

Basic Training

While the first day can be a rest day for adjustment reasons, the next day should be the start of basic training. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your Jack Russell terrier can learn the basic skills like sitting down, heeling and lying down when prompted. Have a lot of treats ready for this kind of training. Dogs like treats, and you will soon find out what his favorites are. The promise of treats after a rigorous training session will ensure that your dog will continue on with training without giving you too much of a hard time.

You can also start with a clicker to encourage routine. Teach him to recognize commands using clicks. One click could mean sit, two could mean lie down. It depends on what you want, but make sure you are consistent in your commands so as not to confuse your Jack Russell.

Acclimatize Him to the Home Environment

Initially, your dog will be shy and will not take to other people easily. Increased familiarity will warm him up to the other members of your family. Instruct the kids to keep their distance during the first few weeks, while gradually positioning themselves closer so that the dog can study them and get used to their presence.

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May 11, 2013
Helpful advice
by: Ryan

Thanks for your helpful article. I am a first time Jack Russell owner and need all the help I can get!!

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