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by ingrid

hi im just wondering about the length of a minature jack russells legs at 3 and a half months, reason being is we have a beautiful lil lady who joined our family at 10 weeks and she is now 14 weeks and has grown alot in those 4 weeks ... people ask me if shes a minature and i say yes bcause the breeder told us she was but im a little unsure as her legs are looking a little long towards her body ... it doesnt matter to us weather she is a minature or not cause shes just our lil baby but would like to be sying the right things when people ask any reply would be appriciated , cheers

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Apr 12, 2015
Mini Jack Russell length
by: Carl

Many people are confused about what should be referred to as a mini Jack Russell. Realistically there isn't a type of dog that should be called a mini JRT. Most of the time what is really being referred to is a short legged Jack Russell. This is simply a Jack Russell that has been selectively bred for shorter legs. The rest of a short legged Jack Russell's body should be in the normal proportions of a full-sized JRT.

A true miniature is smaller in all its proportions than the full-size breed, not just in leg length. To achieve this a Jack Russell would have to be cross-bred with a smaller breed. But in this case the name "mini Jack Russell" doesn't really apply either - it's simply a Jack Russell mix breed.

Congrats on your new little lady!

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