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interesting behaviors

by kelly
(san diego CA)

I have a 5yr old female JRT. Given to us from a family-very sweet, polite and well trained. She has been a real joy for our family as our first family dog. We have owned her 3 months. Of course she is very inquisitive and alert as I know this breed is, but her behaviors 1-3 times a week seem a bit strange to us. At night, she will suddenly stare at a picture on the wall or a cetain spot in a room and become anxious, yipping and wagging her tail, ears up and very focused on the specific spot in the room. This continues for 30 minutes or so or until we calm her down by "showing her" the area up close or letting her sniff the objects. Is this regular behavior???

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Apr 13, 2015
Jack Russell with interesting behaviors
by: Sarah

She sounds like such a sweetie!
While this behavior is not uncommon it can become detrimental. Did she do it at her other home?
Most of the time an obsession is something that the dog has discovered can work as an outlet for anxiety, frustration, or suppressed energy. Maybe try increasing her level of walks/exercise. Also, start to recognize where and when it happens so that you can (try) to intercepts or keep her from those areas. Maybe also try redirecting with a favorite squeaky toy or treat. You just on't want this anxiety to increase or turn into OCD.

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