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introducing a jack russell to my cats

by elisabetta

Hi i v got 2 cats and i will introduce to them a JR of 4 months old....
I m scared that the JR is not puppy enough to be trained to be friendly to the cats...

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Nov 17, 2011
jack russell and cats
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I sure hope you have better luck than I did. I have a cat who is a complete priss, it took her several years to come around and befriend us. She liked the children more but you maybe caught her once a day lounging in the living room in the sun. We've had our Jack for a year now, they were well integrated when he was a puppy. She seemed to tolerate him quite a bit when he was a puppy. When he started to bark April(the cat) was very afraid of Jack(my dog) It's to the point now that I have moved her food and water and her litter box up in to my bedroom and we've put up a baby gate so Jack cannot get to her, believe me he's tried and he wants to attack. My jack is so loving, such a gentle dog but when it comes to April I think he would kill her and that scares us.
Our youngest just left home in August for school, April is still seperated and he knows shes behind that gate upstairs but all is going well now. She's safer and happier, she comes down with me every morning and has her soft food and some attention. I do go up to bed earlier now and watch teli and she jumps in my bed for a 10 minute scratch then off she goes.

Lots of people say Jacks don't tolerate cats very well and I don't believe that to be true. Its true in our case and I think my Jack is a very jealous little guy and he'll never accept her.

I do wish you lots of luck, integrate them with close supervision and hopefully your jack will accept your cats and vice versa..good luck, keep us posted.


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